Beware of heart disease starting to haunt the millennial group – Internal Medicine Subspecialist Doctor, Cardiovascular Consultant Birry Karim said that the millennial group needs to improve their lifestyle because heart disease has begun to attack millennials.

“The youngest patient I received was 25 years old, there were 28 years old and the trend has shifted, no longer being an elderly or adult patient but already haunting the millennial group,” he said in RSCM’s 103th Anniversary Webinar which was broadcast via RSCM Kencana’s Instagram, Wednesday.

Birry said that epidemiologically, heart disease patients began to attack young people, especially men. As for female patients, they usually start attacking when they enter menopause.

The shift in the age of patients with heart attacks, he said, was due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Such as the habit of eating fast food, smoking, intake of sugar and fat that is not maintained to the choice of how to serve meat that is not healthy.

Healthy life food balance Well, the meat is not a problem but the problem is the way it is served with lots of coconut milk. Then the meat has in it is better than the others other than, for the chicken choose the breast, the skin is separated because there is a lot of fat under the skin, “he said.

Heart disease can also be caused by a lack of exercise and prioritizing sedentary lifestyle or inactive lifestyle dominated by sitting or sleeping throughout the day. This makes the body unfit and metabolism and body fat are not maintained.

“However, it does not mean that the lifestyle is unhealthy and it immediately leads to heart failure. But it can lead to diabetes, diabetes, to coronary heart which then becomes heart failure,” he explained.

Birry further suggested that the millennial age group routinely go to the doctor, especially cholesterol and blood sugar once a year to anticipate the occurrence of coronary heart disease which is the main cause of heart attacks.

Meanwhile, an EKG (electrocardiography) examination does not have to be done once a year because an EKG examination is actually recommended for people aged 35 years.

“However, if you experience metabolic disorders, it doesn’t hurt to do an EKG as early as possible,” he said.

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