Health Alert Jonesboro: Diabetes increases your risk of blindness. Doctor Explains | state

in the news: New research from dr. Elizabeth Lundeen is showing that as more and more Americans get diabetes–this in turn, is going to increase the number of Americans that are going to be at risk for blindness in the coming years.

Over 10 million Americans are at risk. Talking to your doctor about diabetic retinopathy isimportant. Getting a dilated eye exam once a year, at a minimumis recommended.

Doctor’s expert Insights about Managing Eye Health and Diabetes Health in Arkansas

Living in Jonesboro, the following health facts impact your well-being directly!

Did you know there were 1466.0 deaths from diabetes in Arkansas in 2021?

20.6% of you in Craighead County smoke?

10.2% of you in Craighead County have diabetes?

11.8% of you in Craighead County feel that your health is not good.