Health Tip for Savannah: Your gut could be influencing your heart health. Doctor Explains | Plus

The Big Picture: Dr. Lindsay Boik-Price says, “We’re seeing more and more evidence that there’s a connection between your gut health & heart health.”

The research showed that the bacteria Streptococcus anginosus and S. oralis. could be strongly associated with plaque buildup.

Do all statins cause muscle pain?

Doctor’s expert Insights About Gut Health and Heart Health in Georgia

Savannah Health Alert

Living in Savannah, the following heart health facts impact your health directly!

Did you know there were 21931.0 deaths from heart disease in Georgia in 2021?

20.2% of you in Chatham County lack health insurance.

5.9% of you in Chatham County, have coronary heart disease.

29.3% of people living in Chatham County have been screened for high cholesterol.

16.4% of you in Chatham County smoke.

New findings on the possible influence of gut health on heart health.

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