Prisma Health laying off 265 in Greenville, says employees have a chance to work at a new company

Prisma Health is laying off environmental services positions, but a press release from the healthcare provider says workers will have a chance to be hired by Compass One Healthcare, a new contract company.

A July 13 SC Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) report lists 689 Prisma Health positions facing permanent layoffs, with 265 of those EVS positions in Greenville County, 41 in Oconee County and 33 in Pickens County.

Prisma explained environmental services as “a health care term used to describe the process of highly trained support service staff to clean and disinfect medical equipment, patient rooms and other common areas within health care facilities.”

The press release said Compass One and Prisma Health are “collaborating to give all EVS team members an opportunity to become part of the Compass One team if they are interested.”

“We are committed to supporting the EVS team members through this transition and recognize the important role they play in providing this service throughout the Prisma Health system. Our goal is to make the onboarding process as seamless as possible, and we look forward to expanding our partnership with Prisma Health to continue to elevate the care they provide to the entire community,” said Bobby Kutteh, Chief Executive Officer, Compass One Healthcare.

This article originally appeared on Greenville News: Prisma laying off in Greenville, employees can work at new company